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Bee Removal

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 Bee season is now here and this is when the problems begin!

Call us for affordable Bee Removal in all cities of Los Angeles!

  • Bee Swarm

A Bee Swarm is an alarming thing to see on your home or in a nearby tree. But they have nothing to protect, so they aren’t going to attack.

  • African Bees

Otherwise known as Killer Bees, the African strain is more aggressive than the European variety. They can only sting once, but there can be thousands of them!

  • Are Bees Dangerous?

Yes, they can be. I’ve had Bees sting me through my protective suite when they get aggressive! I’m not allergic, but Bee stings hurt none the less!

  • Bee Removal

Bee Removal is done with the proper tools, and method for the situation. A can of Bee spray can turn a bad situation into a terrible day! We can most times remove Bees from the walls of your home alive in Los Angeles. We service ALL CITIES of Los Angeles seven days a week!

  • Hive Removal

A Bee hive is a place where bees live. Be it in the walls of your home, or under a rock, in a garbage can, or compost pit. A Bee hive is comprised of honey, eggs, Bee larvae, and of course, Bees! The Bees will protect there home by stinging the invaders!

  • Bee Keeper

A Bee Keeper is a person who knows how to get Bees to do what he or she wants. He or she knows what Bees like and dislike, and uses this knowledge to the advantage. A Bee Keeper can protect you and your family from Bees by removing them alive. Our Bee Keeper can assist with any Bee problems you may have. Bees can be dangerous and should always be removed by a Bee Removal Professional. We are open seven days a week, call us today!

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