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Raccoon Noises in Attic – Raccoons Ruining my Lawn



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Raccoons are giving birth!

Raccoons in the attic make several different sounds.

  • Chattering sounds

  • Scratching

Raccoons talk to each other with a chattering vocal.

  • Heavy foot steps in attic, or on ceiling

Raccoons in Los Angeles, California can weigh 30-40 pounds! If a Raccoon is living in your attic, it will sound heavy.

  • Heavy Breathing Sounds

Raccoons work hard to climb trees, drain pipes, and crawl through small space in your attic. They are a large animal and when they pant like a dog, you will hear it through your ceiling.

  • Barking Noises

Barking is something that Raccoons do to voice displeasure at something.

  • Growling Noises

A  Raccoon will growl to let something know they aren’t happy. A mother Raccoon will growl at her babies to get them in line when they act badly.

  • Screaming Noises

Baby Raccoons scream when something is wrong. Maybe they miss there mother, maybe the baby Raccoons are bothering each other, maybe a predator is attacking them.

  • Raccoons digging up my yard

Raccoons will dig up the sod in your lawn or yard when they are hungry. It looks like someone rolled up the grass in a somewhat orderly fashion. There are grubs and worms under the grass and the Raccoons dig to get them.

A Wildlife Removal Professional is ready to take your call, and get a field operator to investigate the noise that keeps you awake at night, or wakes you up at day break!  Raccoons will cause damages including urine, droppings, and holes in roofs! Get the Raccoons out fast using Raccoon Traps, or other humane Raccoon removal methods! Raccoons will be giving birth soon, now is the time to get them removed!

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