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Bee Removal Los Angeles

     Our company provides Bee Removal in all cities of Los Angeles! Call today to get a free quote from our bee keeper!

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Common Honey Bee

Bee season is here and this is when the problems start, so don’t wait call now!

     The Bee population in Los Angeles California has been growing more and more every year. There is no longer a shortage of Bees in Los Angeles. Bee Removal has become a much needed service in all cities of Los Angeles. We are getting more calls for Bee swarms as well. Bees are very good for the environment but can cause problems for the citizens of Los Angeles. Sometimes Bees will chose the wrong place to establish a hive in your yard in Los Angeles. Bees like to make a hive in the eves of your home. This causes problems when it’s above a door or window. The hive will grow quickly because Bees will lay a thousand eggs a day. When Bees have a hive to protect they become more aggressive. This is why when you discover you have a Bee hive you should call a Professional Bee Removal service. Bees also like to make a home inside your wall of your house, garage or garden shed. This can cause a lot of damage if not handled by a Professional Bee Keeper. Bees will store several pounds of honey inside your wall in just a few short weeks. Bees control the temperature of the honey which keeps it from running and rotting inside your wall. They also take care of the eggs and keep them warm so they don’t die and start to stink. When there is Bees inside your wall you don’t want to try to handle this yourself. Our Bee Keeper can remove the Bees alive and the honey so there won’t be any further damage to your wall.

     If you discover a large ball of Bees in a tree or bush in your yard this is called a Bee swarm. Bee swarms are a large group of Bees that left a hive because it became to crowded. This is called a ”split.” Bee swarms are very intimidating because a swarm contains 3,5oo Bees or more. These Bees are not very aggressive because they have no hive or eggs to protect. Our Bee Removal Professional can remove these swarms alive and relocate them where they will do some good.

We provide removal of Bee hives, Bee swarms, killer Bees and live relocation by a professional Bee specialist.

We have offices in: Long Beach, Santa Monica, Hermosa Beach, Palos Verdes and Malibu.

Call Us Toll Free Anytime, 800-714-8727 and talk to our Bee Removal Professional today!

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