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Coyote Trapper Los Angeles

Coyote Trapper Los Angeles

Our company provides Coyote trapping and removal in all cities of Los Angeles! Call us today to talk to a Professional Coyote trapper!

Anytime Animal Control


Female Coyotes have started to give birth!

Are Coyotes dangerous?

They can be! I have seen several situations where
the Coyotes of Los Angeles have used a doggy door to get inside, and eat the
dogs or cats in the living room while nobody is home. I don’t recommend doggy
doors at all!

 Coyote in Los Angeles

Why do I have Coyotes roaming through my

Coyotes will come to your property for a
few reasons. Food left out for dogs and cats is a good reason. Also territorial
reasons will bring the Coyote in to eliminate the competition. Fallen fruit is
good table fare for a coyote in Los Angeles. Heavy brush hides Rabbits and Rats
which bring in the predators. In a dry year, all animals will drink irrigation
water, or pool water.


Do Coyotes really eat dogs and



What kind of traps do you use to catch

I like to use the right trap for the right
animal. I use snares and foot hold traps to catch Coyotes, and the deployment of
foothold traps is done so with extreme caution. If a dog gets caught in the
trap, it will have a bruised paw. We don’t want that, so a snare will take the
place of a foot hold Coyote trap. Coyote snares are lethal to a Coyote, but I’ve
caught several hundred dogs in snares, and never had one hurt. Dogs seem to
settle down when they feel the resistance of the snare.


What kind of bait do you use for

Our Coyote Trappers in Los Angeles use
more lure than bait. We don’t want to catch non target animals like Skunks and
Raccoons. A scent they relate to having there territory will make them curious
and provoke them to investigate. I personally use Grey Fox urine, Beaver caster,
and Skunk essence. Dogs will respond to the scent, so be sure to keep them
inside, I make the stuff myself and it is pretty potent!


What are you going to do with the Coyotes
when you catch them?

I euthanize them. I have a company policy
here at Anytime Animal Control. No Coyote gets out of the trap alive. After my
own dog and several others were eaten in 2005, I refuse to let another Coyote
walk away alive. If that isn’t what you are looking for, you can call PETA to
have them wish your rogue Coyote away with a bag of tofu. Coyote trapping is
serious business, and there isn”t any time to discuss how the Coyote might feel
about the situation. In 30 days, I killed 153 coyotes in San Diego. 8 of which
were shot with a bow and arrow. I know what I’m doing when it comes to trapping
Coyotes in Southern California.

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