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Animal Digging Holes in Lawn

Do you have a animal digging holes in your lawn in Los Angeles? Call us today for affordable removal!

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      If you live in Los Angeles, California and are noticing that a animal is digging holes in your lawn and killing your grass, we can help! This is a common problem all over Los Angeles county. There are two animals that are guilty of this action. A Raccoon will dig holes to eat worms and insects that are living in the soil. If a Raccoon is doing the digging the holes are about the size of a softball or bigger. Raccoons cannot smell very well so they have to dig a bigger hole in your lawn. If you don’t have another food source available such as a garden or fruit tree, then a the animal will dig up your lawn looking for bugs to eat. The mother Raccoon teaches her babies how to roll up the sod to get at the insects in the soil.

   Another animal that is guilty of digging holes all over your lawn is a Skunk. Usually people will smell the Skunk but are unaware that a Skunk will eat worms or grubs. Skunks have a really good nose unlike a Raccoon. Skunks will dig smaller holes because they can pin point where the grub is better than a Raccoon. If the holes in your lawn are small, about the size of a golf ball, then you probably have a Skunk digging the holes in your yard. So if your smelling a Skunk at night but then in the morning it’s gone, but your lawn is tore up, it’s Skunks. The mother Skunk will also teach her babies how to dig holes in your lawn for food. Skunks and Raccoons are scavengers. They will eat almost anything like your garbage if not secured, vegetable gardens and pet food if left outside. If these things are unavailable they will dig holes all over your lawn in Los Angeles. When this problem is happening to you then you need to contact a Professional Trapper to catch these animals to correct the problem. Our trappers are available seven days a week to assist you and put an end to these animals digging up your lawn in Los Angeles, California! Breeding season is here, now is the time to get these animals removed before you have 5 or 6 of them to deal with!

Our company provides humane Removal and relocation of animals that are digging holes and destroying your grass!

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