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Bee season is here and this is when the problems begin, so don’t wait call now!


  • Bee Swarm

A Bee Swarm is an alarming thing to see on your home or in a nearby tree. But
they have nothing to protect, so they arent going to attack.

  • African Bees

Otherwise known as Killer Bees, the african strain is more aggressive than
the European variety. They can only sting once, but there can be thousands of

  • Are Bees Dangerous?

Yes, they can be. I’ve had Bees sting me through my protective suite when they
get aggressive! I’m not allergic, but Bee stings hurt none the less!

  • Bee Removal

Bee Removal is done with the proper tools, and method for the situation. A
can of Bee spray can turn a bad situation into a terrible day! We can most times
remove Bees from the walls of your home alive in Los Angeles.

  • Hive Removal

A Bee hive is a place where bees live. Be it in the walls of your home, or
under a rock, in a garbage can, or compost pit. A Bee hive is comprised of
honey, eggs, bee larvae, and of course, Bees! The Bees will protect there home
by stinging the invaders!

  • Bee Keeper

A Bee Keeper is a person who knows how to get bees to do what he or she
wants. He knows what Bees like and dislike, and uses this knowledge to the
advantage. A Bee Keeper can protect you and your family from Bees by removing
them alive.

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