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Raccoon Control

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Breeding season has begun!

   Raccoon Control in Los Angeles, California has become a much needed service in all cities of Los Angeles. Raccoons are one of the most destructive animals to have roaming your neighborhood. These animals can cause a lot of damage to your yard and home in Los Angeles, California. Raccoons are very aggressive animals and are not afraid of humans or pets. This is why you should call a Raccoon Control Professional if you are having problems with Raccoons. Breeding season is here! Raccoon’s will be breaking into attics, now is the time to get them removed!

Raccoon Behavior

   Raccoon control should be handled by a Professional Raccoon Trapper. Raccoons are very strong animals! They are very smart too. Raccoons are one of the hardest animals to trap. Sometimes even a Professional Raccoon Trapper cannot catch these animals often because they have already seen a trap and have not forgot. Our company uses another method of removing these animals when they are living underneath your house or in your attic. When trapping fails we can install a device called a one-way door. Raccoons have to leave their den to feed and drink. Raccoons are nocturnal so they do so at night. The one-way door allows them to leave but when they come back they are unable to get in because they door only opens one way. Raccoons will rip up garbage that is not in a secured container, leaving a big mess for you when you wake up in the morning. Raccoons also like to raid vegetable and fruit gardens. In this situation there is no other choice but to call a Professional Raccoon Trapper and have the Raccoon trapped and removed. Raccoons will also dig up your yard looking for grubs and insects they like to eat. If you own a pet, you can help with Raccoon control by not leaving your pet’s food outside at night. Raccoons love to eat dog and cat food. When available, they will be back every night for a bite of your pet’s food. Fish ponds are also a Raccoon’s delight. Raccoons are very good fishermen and they love to eat fish. In the early winter, a pregnant Raccoon will start looking for an attic to have her babies in. This is when a Raccoon becomes most destructive in Los Angeles. Raccoons will rip your shingles or soffits apart to get in. Once Raccoons are in your attic they will cause damage to your wiring and insulation. They will also poop and pee all over, which is toxic to you and your family. Raccoon feces carries Round Worm. Our company will clean and disinfect your attic and re-insulate if necessary. So if you are having Raccoon problems it is important to get it under control right away before it gets costly!

We provide humane Removal and Control of Raccoon’s in all cities of Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange counties!

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