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Raccoon Problems Long Beach – Anaheim

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Raccoons are causing problems in all cities of Los Angeles including Long Beach and Anaheim. Raccoon problems are becoming more common in Anaheim and Long Beach, California. I’m going to provide you with information on Raccoon behavior to help you understand why Raccoons cause problems for the citizens of Long Beach and Anaheim. Breeding season is here! Raccoon’s will be breaking into attics, now is the time to get them removed!

Raccoons Digging Up My Lawn

If you live in Long Beach or Anaheim and notice that something is digging up your grass, you are not alone. When other food sources are not available to a Raccoon they will dig for worms or insects they like to eat. This is a common problem every year in the fall. The baby Raccoons have grown and are almost the size of the mother Raccoon by this time. The mother Raccoon is showing her teen age how to find food. This is going to cause more destruction to your lawn because now you have more than one Raccoon digging up your grass. When this is happening to you, you need to call a Professional Raccoon Trapper to trap and remove the Raccoons. Raccoons are stubborn and will keep coming back as long as there is something to eat causing further damage to your lawn in Long Beach and Anaheim. Give us a call and our Raccoon Trapper will put a stop your Raccoon Problems within a couple of days.

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Breeding season is starting!

Raccoons Eating Koi Fish

I get calls from Long Beach and Anaheim, California all the time with this Raccoon problem. Raccoons are eating Koi Fish from ponds, which is surprisingly normal Raccoon behavior. Raccoons eat fish, shell fish, and small birds and rodents, as well as fruits that have fallen from trees. It leads me to believe that the Raccoons eating Koi fish have come in from the more wild areas of Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Raccoons born and raised in the urban areas are well versed at obtaining meals from dumpsters and dog food bowls left out for peoples pets. Another reason could be that Raccoons need water to swallow food. The masked bandit was once believed to be a cleaner animal than most because it always washes its food. In reality, it doesn’t produce enough saliva to help its food get to the stomach, so, being the resourceful guy he is, he finds water to help him along. While it washes its meal, it may notice the fish moving in the water, and return nightly to do a little fishing. Fact is, that the Raccoon is costing you alot of money eating your Koi fish, and you need him gone, no matter why he was there.

Raccoon on my Roof

We get calls every day from Long Beach and Anaheim, California about Raccoons on roofs. If there is something a Raccoon can climb to get on your roof, they will find it. Raccoons love to climb and are very good at it. Keeping you trees trimmed away from your house is a good idea. Raccoons will lift up your shingles to get at insects that live under them. Spiders are a common insect that live under your shingles. Raccoons like to eat spiders and other insects related to them. A pregnant mother Raccoon will climb on your roof looking for a place to break in so she can have her babies in your attic. Once she can smell the air coming from your attic she knows she doesn’t have far to go. Raccoons are strong and will destroy shingles or soffits to get into your attic. If you see a Raccoon on your roof in Long Beach or Anaheim, this is a good time to call a Professional Raccoon Trapper and have the Raccoon removed before your Raccoon problems get worse.

Raccoon in Attic

If you are hearing noises in your attic in Long Beach or Anaheim, chances are it’s a Raccoon. Raccoons like a safe dark place to sleep during the day. Raccoons are nocturnal so they sleep all day. That’s why you will hear the noises in the attic usually early morning and evening when they are leaving to go eat and drink and before it gets light outside in the morning. Sunlight hurts the Raccoons eyes so they like to be back to their den before the sun comes up. Female Raccoons will give birth in the early winter so they will choose 2 or 3 places to have their babies. This way if one place becomes unsafe she already has another place to go. Raccoons will cause damage to your wiring and insulation when they have made a home in your attic. They also will make their own little toilet up there. Raccoon poop not only does it stink but is toxic to you and your family. Raccoon feces carries Round Worm. Humans and pets can contract this worm. This is why it’s important to call a professional to get the Raccoons removed as soon as possible. Our company will remove the Raccoon and the waste it left behind. We will also disinfect and deodorize and replace your insulation if needed.

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