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Raccoon Trapping Torrance – Hawthorne


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We provide affordable humane Raccoon Trapping in Torrance and Hawthorne!

Raccoon trapping in Los Angeles, California takes the proper equipment, knowledge to use it, bait, and logistics. It also takes a knowledge of our target species, Raccoon’s. I will go over all of these points in this article one by one so you the reader can fully understand what a day in the field Raccoon trapping is like in Torrance and Hawthorne.

We are a private company, we are NOT a animal rescue or non-profit company. If you have domestic animal issue call your local city Animal Control.


When I say the word Raccoon Trap, the picture in people’s minds can vary according to their familiarization with the topic. If I’m talking to a guy in the Midwest he may picture of foot hold trap, body grip trap, or snare. However, if I’m speaking with someone in Torrance and Hawthorne, California, he may picture what is considered a more humane type trap for the Raccoon. This would be a cage about 36 inches long, 12 inches high, and 12 inches wide. It is designed to hold the Raccoon inside the trap without harming it. Bait is placed inside the Raccoon Trap to lure the Raccoon in. Customers in Los Angeles should make sure there are no other food sources available while the trap is set.

One must know where to place of Raccoon Trap in order to catch one safely. By this I mean the safety of the Raccoon, the occupant, and neighbors. Just because a Raccoon is on your roof, does not mean the best place to put the trap is on the roof. Let’s play that scenario and see what happens. Most roofs are slanted, and a frantic Raccoon trying to escape the trap is going to destroy all the shingles he can reach, and eventually pull himself in the trap of the roof. Who and what he falls on his going to suffer some sort of damage, and probably kill the Raccoon. So let’s not set Raccoon traps on roofs. When I trap Raccoons, I set the trap on the ground near the area where they will most likely gain access to the roof, such as a tree on your property in Torrance and Hawthorne. Beware! Once that Raccoon has made it onto you roof, now it will be easy for him to break into your attic! Raccoons are destructive and will tear apart your attic and poop and pee all over your insulation! Our company will remove the Raccoons and clean up your attic and replace your insulation. If you live in Torrance or Hawthorne and this is happening to you, call us today! Breeding season has started!

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Breeding season is almost here!

Being involved in the Raccoon trapping means dealing with traffic all over Torrance and Hawthorne, so putting together a daily plan, and knowing the freeways slow times is an important part of being successful. The sun in Southern California will kill a Raccoon if he has neglected. We always try to trap in the shade areas. It is also important that the customer phones in a catch report by 7:30. The Raccoon trapper in Torrance and Hawthorne will be able to have his route planned by 7:45 AM. No new work will commence until all animals including Raccoons in traps have been dealt with. We don’t want any heat casualties because we waited too long to pick them up.


So as you can see Raccoon Trapping in Torrance and Hawthorne as a profession is more than setting traps. We go through a lot to ensure a healthy animal, and a happy customer at the end of the day. Feel free to call us anytime of day with your Raccoon Trapping needs!

Call us for affordable Raccoon trapping in all cities of Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange!


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