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Skunks are breeding!!

From time to time, removal of Skunks in Anaheim, California requires trapping them. We here at Anytime Animal Control like using humane traps whenever possible. Skunk Traps are sort of specific in design, as the animals are a little more light footed than a Raccoon. Not to mention the fact that the Skunk will be in a wire cage, with the ability to spray 15 feet. So we have to shield our selves from that happening. It doesn’t make any sense to catch a Skunk if we cant get near it right? It is very important to have a professional to do your Skunk trapping in Anaheim so that the Skunk can be removed without spraying. Skunk spray lingers for days so you don’t want to try doing Skunk trapping yourself. Skunk breeding season is here and Skunks are looking for a place to breed and have their babies all over the city of Anaheim! Call us today and talk to a Skunk Trapper and get a free price quote and more information about Skunk Trapping in Anaheim!

Sometimes I use a Raccoon Trap and modify it into a Skunk Trap by setting it with a hair trigger, and using blankets to block the Skunk from spraying me. We don’t want the Skunk spraying in your yard in Anaheim when we come to pick it up. This is why you want a professional doing your Skunk Trapping.

Skunk Traps have to be baited with what the Skunks eat normally, or something that will make him curious. I also use scented oils to guide the Skunk into the trap. A visual will also help trapping Skunks. I use hard boiled eggs to get the Skunk running into my trap.

Now, just because I set a Skunk Trap, doesn’t mean that Skunks will find my set up. I need to place the trap on flat ground, and it can not move when the Skunk enters, or it wont feel good going inside. And it also has to be in an area in Anaheim where he passes by, or the Skunk won’t even know the Skunk Trap is there, and you won’t catch anything. I like to do my Skunk trapping where the customer tells me they see the animal, or where I see tracks. This is why the trapper will want to do a inspection before setting the trap. Skunks cannot see very well but they have a excellent nose! This way the Skunk will smell his way into the trap. We provide humane Skunk Trapping in all cities of Los Angeles, California!

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