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 Breeding season is starting! 

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Wildlife Removal efforts in Long Beach, California are full tilt lately! Breeding season is almost here! Wild Animals living in the Long Beach area could be a common sight no matter where you live. It doesn’t have to be such a surprising issue when we look at Wildlife, and what they require to survive. After you finish reading this article I think you’ll be surprised to find out that we laid the red carpet out for Wildlife.

Wildlife all over California require very little. They need no money, and although they are curious they just do not walk around looking for interesting things to say. They do need water, food, shelter, and cover. I’m going to address each one of these so you understand the difference between them.

Water is essential for every living thing to survive. We provide this to Wildlife in many forms, swimming pools, irrigation, water bowls left out for pets, fish ponds…all these things we can find in Long Beach. Before man populated the desert climate of southern California, a drought could be the disaster of the Wildlife living there. Saltwater is no good to them.

Food is an interesting topic when talking about hungry Wildlife in Long Beach. And the fact is that animals are opportunists and will take whatever we give them. Pet food, bird feeders, fruit trees, Koi ponds, gardens, are a few but not all sources of food Wildlife can go to. The carrying capacity of the land dictates how many animals can live there. In urban areas such as Long Beach the carrying capacity is unlimited which is why there is much needed Wildlife removal.

Cover is what animals use to hide from each other and their enemy’s. Let’s face it, unless you’re a top of the food chain something wants to eat you! Bushes that surround your property in Long Beach offer cover to all sorts of Wildlife, and once the animals are close to your home they may find a way inside. By keeping Bushes trimmed away from the ground, you have taken away something that makes them feel safe. Not letting your grass grow tall will help also. A wood deck in the backyard should be screened so as not to allow animals under. This is part of Wildlife Removal in Long Beach.

Shelter is what animals seek to get away from the weather. They want a safe place to raise their young and sleep. Chances are the underside of your house, or your attic will do fine. This is why Wildlife Removal is important service to have. All they need a loose board, or screen to get in and you may as well have given up the keys to the house. Currently Wildlife issues consists of Rats, Skunks, Raccoons, Squirrels, Opossums, Snakes, and Birds. Tactics to Wildlife Removal in Long Beach, California are normally humane in nature, and we have minimal contact with the animal. Occasionally we need to set a trap and the animal will need to be relocated.

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