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  Breeding season is here and people all over southern California are realizing that getting rid of Raccoons is not an easy task. Many people try to get rid of Raccoons by themselves hoping to save themselves some money, rather than calling a professional. This is a common mistake because people are unaware of how stubborn and smart these animals are. Raccoons are not easily scared away and have been living in the city for several years. Raccoons are very aware of the advantages of living in the city and what it has to offer. That’s why getting rid of Raccoons is never easy in Los Angeles, California.

Raccoons are giving birth!

 Raccoon eating pet food left outside

Raccoons are attracted to yards in southern California where food sources are available. Pet food, unsecured garbage and fruit trees are the top three things that are the easiest for a hungry Raccoon. Swimming pools and fish ponds are also a great water source. Raccoons will also dig in your yard looking for grubs and insects to eat causing a lot of damage. Most of these situations require a Professional Raccoon Trapper in getting rid of these animals because Raccoons are aggressive and NOT afraid of humans or pets. When Raccoons are happy with the food menu in the neighborhood, they will often make a home near by in a attic of a home or underneath a home. Breeding season is almost here and this is when the real destruction starts because Raccoons are very strong. This is why getting rid of Raccoons should be done immediately and by someone who is trained in Raccoon Removal in Los Angeles, California. 

We provide affordable humane removal of adult Raccoons and babies!

 Raccoon on roof

When a Raccoon is spotted on a roof in Los Angeles, many people think they are playing when in reality they are breaking in to the attic. Pregnant female Raccoons will have their babies in a attic or under a house because it is dark and safe from predators. Raccoons are destructive animals and will make a mess in your attic or under a house. Not to mention, make their own toilet in there which will become stinky very quickly. Raccoon feces carries Round Worm a parasite that is harmful to humans and pets. So when getting rid of Raccoons it is important to call a professional right away to remove them!

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