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Skunk Control and Removal ~ Burbank

Our company provides humane Control and Removal of Skunks in Burbank. Call us today for a free price quote!

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Breeding season is almost here and if you live in Burbank, California and are experiencing Skunk problems this is not uncommon. More skunks are coming into the city of Burbank looking for food, water and shelter. Wild fires, floods, drought and urban development force these animals to look else where what they need to survive. Skunk control can be helped by the citizens of Burbank. Skunks are scavengers when it comes to your garbage. If your garbage isn’t secured in a tight container, skunks will rip it apart looking for something to eat. So to control Skunks from from making a mess of your garbage, keep it in a tightly secured container. Skunks also love to eat pet food, so keeping your pet food inside at night is a good idea. Pet food left outside on a regular basis will attract Skunks and other wild animals to your yard. Skunks will also cause damage to your yard. Skunks will dig up your grass looking for grubs that they like to eat. If you find little holes dug all over your lawn then you probably have a Skunk living in your yard or roaming the neighborhood. There is not much you can do about Skunks digging up your grass, but to have them trapped and removed. If you have a vegetable garden they will take and eat whatever they want while you are sleeping. Skunk breeding season is here and this is when it gets really stinky because they will spray to attract a mate! Skunks also like to make a den under your house in Burbank. This can be bad especially when they decide to spray under your house. Skunk spray is very strong and can take days for the smell to go away. It is important to call a Professional Skunk Trapper as soon as you discover you have a Skunk hanging out in your yard on a regular basis. Once the Skunk has been removed then your Skunk odor problem will no longer exist. This is another example of Skunk control. Skunks aren’t afraid of dogs or cats, if chased they will just spray them. Skunk spray can blind your pet if it gets into their eyes. If you are having a Skunk odor problem our Skunk Professional can help with that too. When Skunks spray under your house or close to it, this can cause your home to become unbearable to stay in. Our company has developed a machine that get your home smelling like new in just 24 hours! Removal of the Skunk is the first step, then we can get the odor problem under control in your home in Burbank, California. Babies will be born in another month, now is the time to take care of it! Give us a call today for Skunk Control and Removal in Burbank.

We provide Skunk Control and Removal in all cities of Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange!


We are a private company, we are NOT a animal rescue or non-profit company. If you have domestic animal issue call your local city Animal Control.

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