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Adult Coyote in California

We are a private Wildlife Removal company, we do NOT rescue animals or deal with domestic animal issues. If you are having a dog issue please call your City Animal Control.

Female Coyotes have started to give birth!

   The Coyote population has been growing in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties. Breeding season is here and soon pups will be born!  This is when Coyote Removal will become important to the citizens in southern California. Coyotes are not scared of humans or your pets! Dogs and cats are one of their top choices on a Coyotes dinner menu. If small dogs and cats are disappearing in your neighborhood in Huntington Beach chances are you have Coyotes living nearby. Coyotes are stubborn and territorial so they must be handled by a Coyote Removal Professional to correct the problem. Our company started providing Coyote removal in Huntington Beach and other areas because the owner of our company lost his dog to a Coyote ten years a go in San Diego county. If you are spotting Coyotes on your property or neighborhood in Huntington Beach this is a good time to call a Coyote Removal Professional before things get out of control. Act now before Coyote pups are born!

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We service Los Angeles, Orange and San diego counties for removal of Coyotes, Raccoons, Skunks, Bats, Snakes, Rats, Opossums and wild Cats!

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